Straight8 2011 OPEN FOR ENTRIES!

Founded in 1999, Straight 8 in a independent, short film competition open to filmmakers from around the world.  It’s all about the medium and editing style, and the rules are simple – use Super 8 mm film (commonly referred to as Super 8), shooting and editing in-camera (“straight”) on a single Super 8 cartridge.  Films may be of any topic or theme, and require a soundtrack to accompany the film.

Sound simple?  It’s not .. they send your film cartridge to you, you shoot and send it back, unprocessed, along with your separate soundtrack. Filmmakers don’t see their films until the night of the screening, nerve racking for even the most experienced of directors.

The best bit.. winners are screened at film events including Cannes Film Festival and Raindance.

January saw S8 team up with Shooting People for a special edition: straight 8 films only, and secured top movie director and straight 8 veteran, Edgar Wright to judge the films.

Well done to cut&paste, whose film From Russia with Monsters won 1st Place.


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