An Evening with Werner Herzog: Filming the Abyss

From the prehistoric caves of Chauvet, France, to death row, Texas-

Editing the third dimension
The creation of music for Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Why must filmmakers know how to trespass, pick locks, and forge documents?
Silence and loneliness in prehistoric caves: on hearing your heartbeat for the first time
Life, dreams and confessions on death row. Filming the last act in Texas
Venuses before Baywatch
Questions about the Pope and Twitter
Why do we need to declare holy war against yoga classes?

These are some of the questions and obsessions legendary film director Werner Herzog will be discussing on the Intelligence² stage  – assisted by copious images and film clips curated by Herzog himself.

Prepare to encounter Herzog’s friends and sometime foes, Bruce Chatwin, Mick Jagger, Klaus Kinski and Jean-Luc Godard. Some of the fifty or more films Herzog has directed will be discussed, including his current project filming on death row in Texas and his about-to-be-released documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Check out the trailer – filmed in 3D inside the paleolithic caves of Chauvet in France where no man had set foot for 32,000 years. Just as Lascaux left Picasso in awe, the paintings at Chauvet are breathtaking in their artistry.


The night promises to be be saturated with life and ideas, movies and enthusiasms, proving once again and for eternity that Herzog is right to believe that art and culture are nothing less than the “collective agitation of the mind”.

Wednesday March 23rd, 2011, 7-9pm @ Intelligence 2


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