Imagine these on your bookshelf…

Ten new Don DeLillo book covers- art directed and designed by It’s Nice That with illustrations by London-based superstar Noma Bar (represented by Dutch Uncle & available to buy @ Outline Editions).

For those who don’t know, or want to know a little more.. DeLillo is an acclaimed contemporary author and playwright, winner of the Award for lifetime achievement in American literature, and hailed as one of the most significant American novelists of his generation. DeLillo continues to wow readers with his exploration of icons, obsessions, and the dark recesses of the American culture… HERE&NOW will buying one of these very soon.

If you love the new Don DeLillo covers then you’ll want to put them on your wall, and now you can… Picador have ten special prints to give away of Underworld and The Body Artist (there’s a limited edition of 500 each, all signed by the artist).

And thanks to Picador we can now read what the design team behind the covers have to say about it all –

It’s Nice That:  “The decision to work with Noma was one that took very little deliberation, as it seemed obvious that the subtlety and craft in Noma’s work was the perfect vehicle to try and communicate DeLillo’s intricate and often sinister subjects. We had interviewed Noma for a previous issue of our publication and were waiting for the right project to work with him on, and the DeLillo re-issues could not have fit more perfectly.”

Noma Bar:  “My challenge was to create a range of 10 books by Don DeLillo, a summary of more than 30 years of his writing. After a long process that involved in reading, researching & sketching, I started to pull out some of the main elements of each story and tried to understand how Don DeLillo tailored them together. The result is a bold image for each cover that can looks conventional at first, but at second glimpse reveals the whole story.  The stories were my inspiration, and each story took me on a long journey. I’ve done lots of sketches for each title and then myself and It’s Nice That chose which were most suitable, to illustrate the story clearly and effectively.”

Pick up a copy if one of the books here.  And enjoy!


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