Somewhere between art object and pulp fiction, LE GUN is a celebration of drawing and storytelling – in the form of an art collective and magazine.

Tomorrow sees the launch of their new show ‘Close Eyes to Exit‘ @ Red Gallery in Shoreditch, along with their much anticipated publication LE GUN5. Alongside work by LE GUN’s many weird and wonderful international contributors, the main attraction at the exhibition will be The Unknown Room, a bizarre life size drawing in the 3rd dimension based on the contents of George Melly’s briefcase.

Melly, the trout tickling, dada loving jazz pirate and past contributor to LE GUN, provided the source of inspiration having purportedly left his briefcase in the basement closet of the LE GUN curiosity shop.  Created by LE GUN’s core artists, the black and white installation is filled with pictures showing scenes of the city of Legundon, James Ensors Belgium, an outlandish Interzone and an ancient lost civilization.

Intrigued?   The exhibitions opens 6pm 1st April and runs until the 18th.

Coming Up… LE GUN have a busy year ahead, with exhibitions at Bourouina Gallery (Berlin) and Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve (Paris), alongside a clothing range and a pop-up shop opening in London’s Soho in collaboration with Paul Smith.


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