A London-based social enterprise set up by Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright, GraphicDesign& publishes books and papers, hosts events, and uses it’s online presence to investigate and raise awareness of the interconnectness of graphic design and the wider world.  In other words they’re up to some very exciting projects and collaborations.  The most recent to catch our eye is a poster collaboration between the writer and modern-day philosopher Alain de Botton (aka founding member of The School of Life), and the ‘Godfather of the graphic art scene’ and fresh from his residency at Pick Me UpAnthony Burrill (watch this space for details about his June exhibition ‘Clear Your Head Every Day’).

Alain de Botton sees classification as an opportunity to reorganise knowledge so that it might be more helpful to us in everyday life, while Anthony Burrill finds his ability to classify his own life is a route to happiness. Their double-sided collaborative poster addresses stereotypical perceptions of seemingly opposing approaches to life.

Double-sided, and silk-screen printed on Multi-Kraft, a recycled board that is brown on one side and white on the reverse – the prints are available to buy via The Design Museum shop.


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