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Jacket Mechanical

Peter Mendelsund, a designer, art director & the force behind some of today’s most recognisable book covers.  Respected for his effortless approach, including redesigning many well-know classics, his elegant, eye-catching covers are quickly becoming classics in their own right.

Having studied philosophy and then spent the early part of his career as a concert pianist, Mendelsund only discovered his passion for design after the birth of his first child and the need for a steady income.  In a story that is now the stuff of legend, he approached John Gall with a ‘book’ and within the year was part of the all-star line-up at Random House.  Today he is associate art director at Knopf, as well as an art director at Pantheon and Vertical Press, and has worked on many projects, including a recent series of Kafka covers. His eye for colour and composition, and most importantly his familiarity with the words themselves, demonstrate his passion and understanding of the experience of reading a book.  One could argue that in the modern world of the Kindle and ipads, nothing could be more important than engaging with a reader, reminding them that it’s not just about the story, but about carving out a memory of a good book.

There’s much, much more to see and read about Mendelsund here.

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One of the UK’s most respected design agencies MadeThought, celebrates its tenth birthday this year.   Set up by Paul Austin and Ben Parker in 2001, the agency has since developed a long list of high-profile clients such as Stella McCartney, the Mill, Grafik & Design Miami.

To mark the occasion Woodbridge & Rees are hosting the first ever MadeThought retrospective.  Just opened, Ten Years Yesterday features a series of ‘curiosity cabinets’ showing highlights from the first ten years, as well as film footage showing its more experimental pieces.  Plus, three of MadeThought’s posters will also be for sale during the exhibition.

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday — An Exhibition of Curiosity Cabinets Presenting our Thoughts, Work and Craft at Woodbridge & Rees.


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A new book from Mike Perry, a NY-based artist & designer working in a variety of mediums – magazines, newspapers, clothing, drawing, painting, and illustration (both for commercial and non-profit)- and is compelled by the ways in which the hand-drawn informs and deepens contemporary visual culture.  He’s also published numerous books, each one delving into specific subject/technique, examining important work by clever people.

Pulled takes on the theme of screen printing, exploring the work of today’s most talented designers who, each in their own way, are pushing the boundaries of this dynamic medium.  Here’s  a glimpse (images via grainedit).

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