Jacket Mechanical

Peter Mendelsund, a designer, art director & the force behind some of today’s most recognisable book covers.  Respected for his effortless approach, including redesigning many well-know classics, his elegant, eye-catching covers are quickly becoming classics in their own right.

Having studied philosophy and then spent the early part of his career as a concert pianist, Mendelsund only discovered his passion for design after the birth of his first child and the need for a steady income.  In a story that is now the stuff of legend, he approached John Gall with a ‘book’ and within the year was part of the all-star line-up at Random House.  Today he is associate art director at Knopf, as well as an art director at Pantheon and Vertical Press, and has worked on many projects, including a recent series of Kafka covers. His eye for colour and composition, and most importantly his familiarity with the words themselves, demonstrate his passion and understanding of the experience of reading a book.  One could argue that in the modern world of the Kindle and ipads, nothing could be more important than engaging with a reader, reminding them that it’s not just about the story, but about carving out a memory of a good book.

There’s much, much more to see and read about Mendelsund here.


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