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Mind The Map

Mind the Map: inspiring art, design and cartography is a new exhibition about the inspiration, history and creativity behind London transport maps.  The largest of it’s kind, the collection explores themes of journeys, identity and publicity, and includes previously unseen historic material and exciting new artworks by leading artists including Stephen Walter, Susan Stockwell, Jeremy Wood and Claire Brewster.

The Underground, London Transport and its successor Transport for London, have produced outstanding maps for over 100 years that have not only shaped the city, they have inspired the world.  Mind the Map looks at the impact maps have had on our understanding of London and how they influence the way we navigate and engage with our surroundings.

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Work Hard and Be Nice to People

Anthony Burrill is an independent designer whose persuasive, up-beat illustration and design has been commissioned by clients around the world from New York, to London to Tokyo.  Working across a range of media, including posters, moving image and three-dimensional work, he combines an instinctive handling of colour and composition with a witty approach to words.  He regularly collaborates with musicians and animators to make films, music promos and animations, using his distinctive visual vocabulary and passion for fusing sound and image.

Printmaking is an important part of Anthony’s practice and his open edition, woodblock prints with slogans including  “It All Makes Sense”  have become mantras for the design community and beyond.  “Work Hard and Be Nice to People”  is not only the slogan behind one of his most celebrated posters, but also the secret of his own success.

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The Sky’s The Limit

The overwhelming pleasure of looking at the sky is the theme around artist Eric Cahan‘s dazzling Sky Series.  His photographic work explores light, space, and memory by capturing a wide array of colors in different skylines by using  multiple resin filters (and a bit of luck!).  Cahan scouts locations across the Americas looking for the perfect sky, and while he prefers them to be cloudless, the colours must always be intense.

“The Impressionists’ interest and application of scientific color theories – the changing effects of light and the study of tone and color – motivate my work. To me, the sun is the ultimate source of light, so it only seemed natural to pursue that source. My photographs explore the magical light during a sunrise or a sunset”

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How To…

There is no more ridiculed literary genre than the self-help book.  It wasn’t always like this.  For two thousand years in the history of the west, the self-help book stood as a pinnacle of literary achievement.  The assumption behind this long tradition was that the words of others can benefit us not only by giving us practical advice, but also – and more subtly – by recasting our private confusions and grief into eloquent communal sentences.  

With the growing secularisation of society, it is presumed that the modern individual should manage the business of living and dying by relying on sheer common sense, a good accountant, a sympathetic doctor and hearty doses of faith in science.  As citizens of the future we aren’t supposed to need lectures on how to stay calm and free of anxiety. 

But we need self-help books like never before  – The School of Life

The School of Life has just launched a series of six intelligent self-help books, put together by some of the leading minds in the field, examining some of the great issues of life – work, sex, money, emotional maturity, digital life and changing the world.  The quirky covers are designed by Marcia Mihotich, and like the books themselves are a refreshing approach to the self-help genre.  Bright colours and simple shapes make the playful design instantly recognisable and easy to read.

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2012

Clerkenwell Design Week returns for it’s third installment tomorrow, promising to confirm the area’s reputation as an international creative hub . Boasting over 60 showrooms, a wealth of creative agencies and more architects per square mile than you’d think possible, it’s quickly becoming one of the most important events in the design calendar.

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Little People

Also opening last night was Mark Hayward’s latest solo exhibition at the Interchange Gallery in Shoreditch, East London’s newest venue.  Showcasing both new and existing work, the Royal College graduate explores a world which mixes fantasy and reality reconciling themes of past and present, offering us a new perspective on strangely familiar scenes.  His unique characters take us on a journey to war zones, fairgrounds and most recently through some distinctively British scenes in time for the Olympic and Jubilee year.

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Fathoms Deep

Last night saw the launch of Fathoms Deep at The Hayward Gallery, a new exhibition and shop curated by Zombie Collective.  The show which runs until 3rd June in the gallery’s ‘This Is Not A Pop-up’ space, makes the most of it’s riverside location by taking over the space with a ‘nautical themed spectacular‘.  Yesterday’s opening attracted a huge crowd (enough to break the air con!) who were treated to El Famoso hand-illustrating a large scale seaside attraction, music by skiffle band The Severed Limb and the applying of nautical tattoos!

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Print Pattern

New pattern design by Spanish illustrator Monica Muñoz, created for the SS12 collection at Moniquilla.

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A lovely new book  from the team at Victionary, Typoholic celebrates modern typography at it’s most playful.  Featuring 288 colourful pages of custom types, from digital to real life installations, it offers a thorough review of modern type-making.

Separated in to two parts, the first Typoholic Font to Form, focuses on type-related projects, while the second Typoholic A to Z, is a collection of contemporary illustrated typefaces.  The book examines a diverse range of sculptural, illustrated and photographically created letterforms and alphabets as they in appear in graphic identities, art projects, advertising and much more.

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Bold & Beautiful

Book cover designs by graphic designer Klas Ernflo – created in 2007 for a series of books about classicical art, they were eventually rejected by the publisher.  The bold, minimal design is a refreshing approach to a more traditional subject matter.

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