Little People

Also opening last night was Mark Hayward’s latest solo exhibition at the Interchange Gallery in Shoreditch, East London’s newest venue.  Showcasing both new and existing work, the Royal College graduate explores a world which mixes fantasy and reality reconciling themes of past and present, offering us a new perspective on strangely familiar scenes.  His unique characters take us on a journey to war zones, fairgrounds and most recently through some distinctively British scenes in time for the Olympic and Jubilee year.

In recent year’s Mark’s work has been gaining massive recognition and popularity, showing widely at art fairs and with galleries both in the UK and abroad.  In 2009 his work was selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize Exhibition and has recently been added to the collection of the New York Public Library.

Mark’s prints are available to buy at Eyestorm.  You can also see some of his animations on his website.

The exhibition runs from 18th –  24th May at the The Interchange Gallery, 173 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8JT.


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