Work Hard and Be Nice to People

Anthony Burrill is an independent designer whose persuasive, up-beat illustration and design has been commissioned by clients around the world from New York, to London to Tokyo.  Working across a range of media, including posters, moving image and three-dimensional work, he combines an instinctive handling of colour and composition with a witty approach to words.  He regularly collaborates with musicians and animators to make films, music promos and animations, using his distinctive visual vocabulary and passion for fusing sound and image.

Printmaking is an important part of Anthony’s practice and his open edition, woodblock prints with slogans including  “It All Makes Sense”  have become mantras for the design community and beyond.  “Work Hard and Be Nice to People”  is not only the slogan behind one of his most celebrated posters, but also the secret of his own success.

Clients include The Economist, the London Underground and Amnesty International, while Kraftwerk, Air and David Holmes have all collaborated with Anthony.  He’s a regular at London’s Pick Me Up graphic art fair, and has exhibited at Colette in Paris, Tate Modern and the Art Space in LA.

Anthony now lives and works on the Isle of Oxney and is represented by 2AM films.


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