Peter Blake

Happy Birthday to British pop artist Sir Peter Blake who turned 80 this week.  The godfather of the British pop art scene famously produced the iconic Beatles’ ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album cover, and his work is represented in major collections throughout the world.   He has produced collage, sculpture, engraving and printmaking, as well as commercial art in the form of graphics, making him one of the best-known British artists of his generation.

To mark his 80th year the artist has taken inspiration from his most famous artwork to celebrate the British cultural figures he most admires .  Amy Winehouse, JK Rowling, Noel Gallagher, Mick Jagger and the Monty Python foot all feature in the updated 1967 original, which has been created for a special celebration of Blake’s life at Wayne Hemingway‘s Vintage Festival in July.

In addition to this a major exhibition celebrating his 60 year career has just opened, with signed screenprints of Blake’s Beatles cover for sale (reissued exclusively for the show).  Blake: Pop Music, runs from 23 June to 7 October, Pallant House Gallery.

See a full list of who’s who in the new artwork, and watch an interview about it’s creation here.


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