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Made in L.A.

Made in L.A, a new show from Anthony Burrill, opens this evening at Hoxton’s KK Outlet.  The graphic artist has raided the Colby archive to curate a vibrant and flurotastic show featuring the very best of their past work, plus specially commissioned ‘behind the scenes’ photographs that document the Colby printing processes.

Colby Poster Printing Co. is a family ran operation based in downtown LA. Founded in 1946, Colby specialise in creating high and low culture prints in eye popping colour ways, by using traditional printing methods to produce intricately laid up posters and signs.  Using methods of silkscreen and letterpress, the Colby archive features high art prints for the likes of iconic Parisian store Colette, alongside ‘For Sale’ signs, and posters for local governors to steam fairs.  Mirroring the extremes of L.A. culture itself, the collection is a veritable treasure trove for every print enthusiast.

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Print Pattern

New pattern design by Spanish illustrator Monica Muñoz, created for the SS12 collection at Moniquilla.

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New work from the Berlin-based photographer Matthais Heiderich.  Heavily influenced by architecture, graphic design, colour and the urban landscape, his pictures bring out a new and aesthetically wondrous side to Berlin.

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Notes on Colour

London-based artist Sophie Smallhorn explores the relationship between colour, volume and proportion, creating some beautiful, engaging work that has not gone unnoticed.  While regularly exhibiting throughout the world, she is a colour consultant for the 2012 Olympics, and has many public and private clients, including Commes des Garcon, Somerset House, and Goodwood Sculpture Park (to name just a few!), as well as collaborating with designers of various disciplines.

Simple, clean, geometric.. her compositions take the form of both print and sculpture, and most recently she has gone back to the studio, once again  playing with colour and form to create a series of sharp, classical prints.

You can purchase some of Sophie’s limited edition prints here.

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