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Fashion + Art Collusion

Jonathan Saunders + Jess Flood-Paddock

It’s the last chance to catch the V&A’s Britain Creates 2012: Fashion + Art Collusion, finishing this Sunday.  The exhibition promotes the longstanding relationship between fashion and art, while celebrating London’s role as a creative capital.

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The Sky’s The Limit

The overwhelming pleasure of looking at the sky is the theme around artist Eric Cahan‘s dazzling Sky Series.  His photographic work explores light, space, and memory by capturing a wide array of colors in different skylines by using  multiple resin filters (and a bit of luck!).  Cahan scouts locations across the Americas looking for the perfect sky, and while he prefers them to be cloudless, the colours must always be intense.

“The Impressionists’ interest and application of scientific color theories – the changing effects of light and the study of tone and color – motivate my work. To me, the sun is the ultimate source of light, so it only seemed natural to pursue that source. My photographs explore the magical light during a sunrise or a sunset”

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The Art of Installation

How many art handlers does it take to install a Jackson Pollock painting?  The answer can be found on Wrapit-Tapeit-Walkit-Placeit, a behind the scenes look at art installation and the complex processes involved.

From building Carsten Höller’s Experience, to installing a large-scale Matisse and moving the Mona Lisa, this is a fascinating insight into how art exhibitions are brought to life.

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Majestic Beasts

A stunning collection from photographer Simen Johan, whose photography employs both taxidermy and live animals, carefully superimposed on to backdrops photographed in Iceland, Norway, and elsewhere.  The result is Until the Kingdon Comes, a series of landscapes depicting an unsettling natural world hovering between reality and fantasy.

Simen Johan was born in Norway and currently lives in New York.  He is represented by Yossi Milo Gallery,  and his work can be found in public collections worldwide. Continue reading


New work from the Berlin-based photographer Matthais Heiderich.  Heavily influenced by architecture, graphic design, colour and the urban landscape, his pictures bring out a new and aesthetically wondrous side to Berlin.

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Secrets of the Studio

Just out from Thames & Hudson is a new book offering a rare insight into the work spaces of some of Britain’s most celebrated and emerging talents.  It gives a compelling behind-the-scenes look into their artistic processes, capturing them at their most creative, experimental and sometimes chaotic!

Artist Paula Rego at work in her studio

Featuring 120 artists living and working in Britain today, from the most noteworthy to new, upcoming talent, Sanctuary offers a feast of specially commissioned photographs (by Robin Friend) while following each artist through their working routines.  Portraits, images at work, places of inspiration and incisive interviews from Howard Hodgkin, Grayson Perry (fresh from his exhibition at The British Museum), Peter Blake and many others, the book explores today’s art world and contemporary art practice.

Grayson Perry in his studio

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No Lifeguard on Duty

John Bennett Fitts is an American photographer who’s beautiful work captures decaying urban landscapes across America.   No Lifeguard on Duty is a series documenting old motels and swimming pools -environments that are so familiar to us, but now abandoned have a kind faded nostalgia.

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Poster Man

Designer, illustrator, photographer and writer Christopher Gray currently working in the UK, director of Toy and represented by Studio AKA.  His new self-set challenge is to produce 100 posters by the middle of the year, all of which will be for sale.  Keep an eye on his blog We Shall See for ample graphic posters and much more.

Here’s a glimpse of his personal work – beautiful geometric shapes in sophisticated compositions and colour schemes.  And hopefully available to buy online soon..  Gray is also taking part in Designers for Japan, another great collection of imagemakers kindly contributing prints to raise funds for those suffering in Japan.

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Old Typewriter

A lovely series of new work from Canadian artist Todd Mclellan, including a short film showing how he does it.

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Philipp Schaerer – Bildbauten Series

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