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Wondering Around Wandering

Wondering Around Wandering is a new project by Mike Perry, a New York based designer and interdisciplinary artist.  His aim is to host a  3 month, free community exhibition and event space in Brooklyn, with workshops, screenings, gatherings, open discussions and much more.  He wants to offer a space that will be an evolving environment, where visitors will be able to freely explore and create their own unique experience. Continue reading


Peter Blake

Happy Birthday to British pop artist Sir Peter Blake who turned 80 this week.  The godfather of the British pop art scene famously produced the iconic Beatles’ ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album cover, and his work is represented in major collections throughout the world.   He has produced collage, sculpture, engraving and printmaking, as well as commercial art in the form of graphics, making him one of the best-known British artists of his generation.

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Little People

Also opening last night was Mark Hayward’s latest solo exhibition at the Interchange Gallery in Shoreditch, East London’s newest venue.  Showcasing both new and existing work, the Royal College graduate explores a world which mixes fantasy and reality reconciling themes of past and present, offering us a new perspective on strangely familiar scenes.  His unique characters take us on a journey to war zones, fairgrounds and most recently through some distinctively British scenes in time for the Olympic and Jubilee year.

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The Art of Installation

How many art handlers does it take to install a Jackson Pollock painting?  The answer can be found on Wrapit-Tapeit-Walkit-Placeit, a behind the scenes look at art installation and the complex processes involved.

From building Carsten Höller’s Experience, to installing a large-scale Matisse and moving the Mona Lisa, this is a fascinating insight into how art exhibitions are brought to life.

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